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Leup Patrol 6hd 1-6×24 Sfp Cmr2 Il


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With the Patrol 6HD” you can hit the field without worry. Its ultra-lightweight, low-profile design and 1-6 magnification range let you engage threats anywhere from tight corners to open fields. Whether your mission is to protect and serve or youre looking for an edge in competition, this battle-ready riflescope will help you put more rounds on target. Built on Leupolds Professional-Grade Optical System, it offers unmatched light transmission, industry-leading glare reduction, and the clarity and resolution law enforcement officers trust in the most challenging lighting conditions. The Patrol 6HD will take your lowlight capabilities to the max with an illuminated reticle that draws your eye to the center of the glass for fast, accurate shot placements. And a push-button illumination control guarantees smooth operation under stress.

Features :

  • A versatile 6:1 zoom ratio gives you 6 times more magnification at high power than at low power
  • Guard-ion is a hydrophobic lens coating that sheds dirt and water for a maintenance-free, clear, crisp image
  • High-definition, calcium-fluoride lenses ensure
  • The Electronic Reticle will flash when the scope isnt level, promoting more accurate long-range shots. It can also simplify the mounting process
  • High-quality Alumina flip-back lens covers thread onto the scope to protect the lens from moisture, dirt, and debris
  • This reversible throw lever easily clamps onto specific power-selector rings. Its large surface area makes it ideal for quick magnification changes.

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